Wednesday, 22 May 2013


This time round the gospel artist has decided to surprise us with one of his latest songs "UTAWALA" the song that talks about vices present in the society  that has come to be more present in the society than the virtues that were the ones  supposed to be upheld for the better growth of the country.According to his song he says "sitasimama maovu yakitawala", precisely that should literally show the strong passion he has for the society to grow in the right way and not be brainwashed by our leaders to doing things that are not right. He condemns most hypocritical behavior if not all.He is communicating with the society in his best way possible i.e through the songs he sings and though he really does not say that he sings gospel songs,he says that most of his songs communicate  the societal messages that are in good behavior and that mostly comply with what Christianity requires,but what do i say? is he a gospel artist?He doesn't sing secular gospel,what does that put him?..Kenyans lets embrace the messages that this young man puts forth to us and the Kenya we always dream of will come to be,a peaceful and great nation.

UTAWALA by Juliani on youtube

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